Too hot for water bottles? Hot plastic may release BPA


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR10)– The heat will be a factor this weekend and the number one way to beat these high temperatures is to stay hydrated.

However, leaving plastic water bottles in your car for too long can be toxic. When plastic water bottles are being created they can contain a certain level of the chemical BPA.

The amount of BPA inside water bottles and cans is regulated to not be a health-hazard but when they are left inside of a hot car they can become harmful.

Hassan Beyzavi, Department of Chemistry, University of Arkansas said, “If the amount of the BPA is higher than that standard limit, if it’s above that, we are at that risk.”

Even if you take your hot bottles and cool them down in the fridge, those BPA levels will most likely still be there.

Food inside plastic containers can also reach un-healthy toxic levels as well.

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