Tips to keep your house warm for less


Cold weather can lead to higher utility bills, especially when you don’t take steps to winterize your home. Simply insulating your doors and windows can keep you from paying hundreds this winter.

As temperatures take a plunge, you could be paying more for your energy bills. An easy way to combat these high bills is to check the sealing in your home.

“Sealing up the cracks and the gaps around the house is the main thing. Try to stop the air from coming in,” says Matt Daniels, Asst. Weatherization Director for Economic Security.

Cold air can seep through cracks by your windows and doors, especially in older homes. Empire District Electric says covering these cracks is key to conserving your heat.

“There are plastic kits available for you to purchase. And their great to seal your windows with and they’re very affordable. And then there’s also caulking. I really recommend caulking around the windows and the doors and just sealing those cracks,” says Jillian Curtis, Communications Coord. Empire Electric District.

And be sure to watch your heat usage.By turning the heat down at night and using a couple blankets can easily bring your costs down.

“Turn your thermostat back a couple degrees. Especially at night people sleep decently, covered up or whatever at night. You can turn it back a couple degrees at night, to help save on that energy cost,” says Matt Daniels.

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