Tips to help reduce ground ozone levels during hotter months


A local group is spreading the word about making changes for a healthier summer.

The four states clean air alliance is hoping to reduce ground level ozone levels as the weather grows hotter.

The E.P.A. Sets acceptable levels, aimed at minimizing the health impact of too much ozone.

So the alliance is showing how you can help improve conditions as the temperature rises.
Dan Pekarek, Clean Air Alliance: “So the hotter the day the more likely that there, the components that make ground level ozone will mix on, in the atmosphere.”

Ozone reducing strategies include reducing the time your car idles, getting a tune up for your car and lawn mower to make sure they are working efficiently, and turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees to reduce the time your air conditioning unit is running.

We’ve got a link to the Clean Air Alliance here.

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