Tips that could make or break your phone’s battery life


JOPLIN, Mo.–If it feels like your phone battery drains in just a few hours, you’re not alone. But, you may not have to replace the whole phone just yet. There are a number of strategies to maximize battery power, and some of those are very simple.

“They give you the energy density that all our modern devices need,” explained John Matazedi with SNC2.

The newer lithium ion batteries will typically go 1,000 – 1,200 charges before you’ll see a change.

“Then you’ll notice the battery starts losing part of its capacity,” Motazedi added.

Maintaining your battery life can be as easy as using the right cord.

“Use the appropriate charger that comes with the phone, so if it’s one of those chargers that’s really really fast for a phone, that’s not designed to do that–it’s not good for the phone.”

Using low-power mode is an option if you want to maximize your phone’s charge.

“If you’re not using Siri or some of the automated stuff that comes with the phone by default, you can just turn it to low power mode and typically, your phone will last the entire day.”

And even the temperature itself can make a difference.

“Heat and cool are absolute enemies of your battery and enemies of your phone,” said Motazedi. “So you want to keep your phone cool. If you’re uncomfortable in that temperature or if it’s too cold or too hot, then probably your phone and batteries are uncomfortable as well.”

You can also turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using it to save your battery. And, think about disabling other things you don’t use on a regular basis, including certain notifications or the vibrate function.

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