Tips for those going out to fish


The warmer weather means more fishermen will be out making their next big catch.

“Already have a few fishing trips planned out to the lake and even a big one in New York that I’m super excited about,” says Kylie Acklin.

Kylie Acklin is one of many anglers ready to set out to the nearest body of water with their rod and reel in hand. However there are somethings to keep in mind before baiting that hook. Make sure to check the forecast and plan your trip based on the chances of lightning and heavy rain.

“It may be raining in the head waters and you’re in the lower part of the watershed. The river could still come up, pretty significantly and if they come up real fast and rapid you could get in some pretty bad situations,” says Rick Horton.

Horton also says to be mindful of your surroundings.

“Casting you don’t want to make a cast and hook somebody behind you so be aware of what’s around you. Don’t yank on your line if you hook in a tree or something because if it flies back the hooks are armed and dangerous that way,” says Horton.

And make sure you follow boat safety protocol when on watercraft. Drive sober and make sure to have a floatation device. 

“You’re required to have a life jacket in the boat for each person and usually a throwable device is a good idea too,” says Horton.

Check regulations on the fish in your area and buy permits and licensees to avoid paying hefty fines from law enforcement.

“It just helps us manage the fisheries and basically the fish belong to everybody in the state of Missouri, the permit JUST gives you the means to go out and fish,” says Horton.

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