CARTHAGE, Mo. — Three Carthage Police Officers are being honored for saving a life.

On July 7th officers were called about a man unconscious and not breathing. Carthage Police Detective Trent McMain was the first person to get there.

He started sternum rubs which is a method used to try and wake someone up. When Officer Kmick and Officer Richards got there they did CPR for more than ten minutes. Detective McMain says it felt good to help someone.

Trent McMain, Detective, said, “Its always a good feeling to feel like you helped somebody. So it was helping somebody that’s what we do every single day. It’s no different than any other call. Just go in there help them the best you can. Some people its talking to them some people its doing CPR, some people its taking them to jail is their biggest help.”

All three Police Officers were given an award Tuesday for their outstanding service to the city of Carthage.