This year, make sure to not save your Christmas shopping until the last minute


JOPLIN, Mo. — Many shoppers tend to wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping. KSN’s Stuart Price tells us why that may not be a good idea this year.

If you’re doing all or at least some of your holiday shopping in person instead of online, like Marcee Carpenter.

“We had a small business, so I’m a firm believer in small businesses,” said Marcee Carpenter, Christmas Shopper.

She suggests if you see it and you like it, don’t wait to buy it.

“I’m actually trying to wrap up my Christmas shopping, I have it almost all done and I’m not ordering online hardly at all, so I know I can go into the store and buy it and be done,” said Carpenter.

With supply chain shortages like they are, Kittie Oberg couldn’t agree with that retail philosophy more.

“Most of our stuff came to us in September, October, and we won’t get any more Christmas items now, we’ll start getting spring pretty soon, I think most of it will be once it’s gone, it’s gone,” said Kittie Oberg, Floral Designer, The Curly Willow.

If you happen to be one of the people that procrastinate for your Christmas shopping, Carpenter says, don’t.

“I would try and do it as soon as possible, I do feel like waiting this year there’s just not going to be anything available,” said Carpenter.

“Basically, if you want something, you should get it or if you go home and think “I should have bought that,” call us back and we’ll hold it until you get back,” said Oberg.

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