Fireworks are starting to be sold for the summer, and it’s important to always use caution when handling them.
The manager of Black Market Fireworks recommends that people should always read the labels before lighting fireworks. He says there are people who don’t read the instructions before using them and that could have bad repercussions. The weather has also not been very suitable for lighting fireworks, which means adult supervision is required more than ever.
“Everybody needs to understand that it’s extremely dry this year. We’ve had a lot of hot days already and very little moisture, and fireworks are going to be dangerous this year,” says Joplin Fire Deputy Chief Andy Nimmo.
“If you want to light fireworks with them- kids enjoy fireworks. They love fireworks, but for them to be safe adults need to be present,” says Tom Wilson, manager at Black Market Fireworks.
The city of Joplin only allows the lighting of fireworks between July 1st and 4th. Bottle rockets, projectiles, and floating lanterns are prohibited within city limits.