Theft, foot chase and discovery of drugs lands three behind bars


An alleged theft, a foot chase, and the discovery of drugs land three people in jail.

Craig Braun was arrested for stealing, felony resisting, possession of a controlled substance — along with warrants. Mitch Braun is in jail for stealing, and Janessa Lester is charged with possession of drugs and a controlled substance.

It all started Sunday evening, when Joplin police were called to the West 7th Street Walmart for two men that had stolen DVD’s and Blue-Ray movies, then ran. Witnesses say the suspects were in a vehicle in the Casey’s parking lot on 7th. As officers approached the car, Craig Braun got out and crawled into a nearby drainage ditch.

When he opened up a manhole cover from the north sidewalk of 7th, he was greeted by officers and arrested. Lester and Mitch Braun were still inside the car, and were both taken into custody. The car smelled of marijuana, so officers searched and found meth, oxycodone, marijuana, THC wax, and other prescription pills throughout the vehicle and in their possessions.

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