The worst types of candy for teeth


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s fun for kids to dress up and go out trick or treat. But the fun doesn’t end there.

It’s going through and then eating what they come back with that rounds out the experience. But without proper brushing afterward, some types of candy can be worse for their teeth than others.

Ghosts and goblins that venture out on all hallow’s eve will be in search of sweet treats. And unless they are sugar free, all types of candy can lead to cavities without adequate brushing. But Dr. Parth Patel says some are worse offenders than others.

Dr. Parth Patel, D.D.S., Shine Modern Dentistry, said, “The biggest ones would be the stickiest like your Rolos, your Milk Duds, and the reason with it being is the longer it’s on your teeth, the more the bacteria gets to eat that sugar and create an acid erosion, an attack on your teeth essentially and the more things in your mouth, like the braces, and the candy sticks and it’s harder to clean off “

Some types of candy are bad for you in more than one way, for example, suckers like these expose your teeth to sugar over long periods of time, and if you bite into them, they can chip a tooth.

“One, it has sugar in it so it causes an acid attack, and then two, it’s sticky enough that it will stay on your teeth, and then three, because of the sourness, it is acidic in nature which is just a down play of all the things working against you there, so you have to do a really good job of brushing your teeth after you eat those candies.”

Patel says the quicker the candy dissolves entirely, and the less it tends to stick to teeth or dental work, the better. And he says it’s best to wait about a half hour after candy is eaten to brush.

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