A best-selling author helps educators in southeast Kansas with early childhood development.

Dr. Tina Payne-Bryson, author of the New York Times best selling book, “The Whole Brain Child,” worked with educators at the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center in Greenbush Tuesday. As part of her talk, Bryson spoke about the improtance of “secure attachments.” She says studies have shown secure atachments have an impact on the structural development of child’s mind, and can play a role in their future success. Byson says secure attchaments are formed when a child is in distress or afraid, and feels the “four s’s.” She says those are feeling safe, feeling seen, and feeling soothed.

“And then over time, not perfectly, but repeatedly and predictable feeling safe, and seen, and soothed, wires the brain to predict that when something goes wrong or I’m in a bad situation, or I’m terrified of something, someone’s going to see my needs and show up for me,” Dr. Bryson says.

Tuesday’s seminar was sponsored by Greenbush and Four County Mental Health.