The University of Missouri Extension Office aims to help those with chronic diseases


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — A Southwest Missouri extension office aims at helping chronic disease patients with online classes.

The University of Missouri Extension Office will be conducting Chronic Disease Self-Management Zoom courses this month.

Participants can sign up for a Tuesday and Friday afternoon class, or an early Wednesday morning class.

Extension staff will teach how to make healthy eating choices, how to do physical activity with limitations, and guidance with sleep and relaxation.

With the CDC reporting that almost 80 percent of Americans live with one chronic disease, and 50 percent live with at least two, staff say they not only want to help patients manage their pain, but also provide a support system.

Lindsey Stevenson, University of Missouri Extension County Engagement Specialist in Nutrition & Health, says, “Sometimes, even if we’re dealing with different conditions, some of our symptoms and the things that we deal with are the same. So, they get comfort and support from others and they get ideas for how to manage their condition that maybe they hadn’t thought of before.”

Classes start May 12 and 13.

To register for this class, click here.

For more information about the event, click here.

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