The state of Missouri is turning 200 years old soon


LAMAR, MO – The state of Missouri will turn 200 years old in less than a month.

And in honor of the big day, we’re starting a series of stories highlighting history in Southwest Missouri.

“We are the birthplace of President Truman, the only president from the state of Missouri.” Says Beth Bazal, Truman Birthplace.

At the corner of 11th and Truman Street, it’s a snapshot of Lamar in the 1880s.

“The house is furnished with 1880 period furniture, when he was born it on May 8th of 1884. So it really shows you how life was during the 1800s in southwest Missouri.” Says Bazal.

Harry S. Truman’s parents had moved to Lamar just a couple of years before he was born.

“They had a business they traded horses and mules, and just catty corner across the street from the birthplace is.” Says Bazal.

The family would move less than a year after he was born, relocating to the Kansas City area.

“Missouri is his only state that President Truman had ever lived in and they do have the little white house in Florida that would have been during his presidential years but all of his life was in Missouri.” Says Bazal.

The Truman Birthplace sits on the east side of Lamar, and it’s not hard to find.

“The take the Lamar exit and we’re just two miles off the interstate, so we got signs along the highway that to get to here so, and just would like for people to come see us.” Says Bazal.

The Birthplace is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday.

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