The state of Missouri is celebrating 200 years with the Missouri Explorer’s Program


JOPLIN, MO – The state of Missouri officially turns 200 years old on Tuesday.

And the city of Joplin is using the milestone as a teaching tool about its past, for both residents and visitors.

“It’s totally free, so it’s not going to cost you any money, and you get to see all these neat locations.” Says Kerstin Landwer, Visit Joplin Mo.Com.

Landwer is talking about the Missouri Explorer’s Program, which is part of the state’s bicentennial celebration.

It promotes a community’s local history by encouraging participants to visit a community’s most historic attractions.

“These challenges are a great introduction to our state and the wonderful places in our state for people who have never been to Missouri before, or been to Joplin, it will give you a good overview of what Joplin is about, it’s also really cool for our locals, our locals are really encouraged to do this too because you’ve never a tourist in your own town.” Landwer says.

Joplin is one of many show-me state cities participating in the Missouri Explorer’s Program with out own challenge to visit 1 of 9 different locations.

“You go to these places and you take a selfie in the place that they as the picture location and then you email that selfie to the historical society, and when you’ve completed the challenge with your five or eight or ten locations you’re supposed to get for that particular area, then you receive and explores badge.” Landwer says.

Our entry in the program is called “Dig Into Joplin” because it highlights our history of mining.

“One of our locations where you take a selfie is in the circus room in the Joplin Museum Complex, another one is at Mercy Park in front of the big butterfly mural, so stand in front of that and take a picture, right here in city hall, photograph yourself in front of the Thomas Hart Benton mural.” Landwer says.

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