The science behind fear


FOUR STATE AREA — Screams, zombies and ghouls–things we typically would run away from any other time of the year. But during the month October we find ourselves embracing them–but why?

What is fear?

Bill Howell, Crawford County Mental Health, said, “Our bodies natural reaction to things that scare us.”

Our emotions are controlled by the amygdala structure in our brain, which processes our reflexive emotions like fear and anxiety.

“When we feel scared or we’re in fear, that kicks in. And it tells us stick around and enjoy or run.”

During this time of the year, those feelings are all too frequent. And we find ourselves getting spooked at haunted houses.

“They’re exciting and they kind of stimulate us a little bit. And it kind of gets that adrenaline going. I think why we go to haunted houses or watch scary movies, it does that but we also know it’s safe. We know it’s a controlled center, it’s a controlled environment.”

Haunted houses play into our fears, plenty of elements of surprise and mystery.

Brian Renn, Owner, Waco School House Haunt, said, “Not knowing what’s on the other side of the wall, the other side of the door.”

For Waco School House Haunt, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve had some of their own paranormal experiences either. The school house is rumored to be the place of an accident that cost one man his life.

“There was a janitor that had an accident here years ago. They still feel it. I myself, haven’t felt it, I would love to but it’s there.”

And if you want to experience the paranormal for yourself, Waco School House Haunt will be open every Friday and Saturday in October.

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