The Road to Orlando: MSSU Cheer makes first appearance at UCA nationals


MOSO Cheer placed 11th out of 25 in the Gameday Division! We couldn’t be more proud to be a Lion! We had an AMAZING first showing at UCA Nationals and we can’t wait to come back stronger next time! #agado1m #ucanationals

ORLANDO, Fla.—MSSU Cheerleading takes it to the next level with its first-ever appearance at the UCA National Championship over the weekend. The squad placed 11th in its division in the “Game Day” competition, making 2020 a season to remember.

The Game Day contest features a new approach to the competition, with teams being tested on how quickly and smoothly they respond to game cues (think touchdowns, timeouts, and free throws). The teams do not know which order the cues come.

“It’s surprising that it took so long for this to come about because that’s honestly the job of the cheerleader — to see how good you are at getting the crowd involved with what you’re doing.”

The squad found out they’d be going on the trip last spring and since then, they’ve spent every minute of practice devoted to getting better.

“We’ve known since April that we were going to this competition so since then, we’ve used every opportunity to get ready.”

“Everything we’ve done, we’ve seen it as ‘Is this getting us ready for nationals?’ ‘Is this helping us or hurting us? If it’s helping us, lets keep doing it and if it’s not, lets try something else.'”

And on the days leading up, the squad rang in the competition with themed practices and quality time together.

“A different cheerleader had a devotion everyday that focused on the meaning of being a good teammate and having a good attitude, so that was really nice to see my girls step up.”

Letting Coach Endicott see her squad grow not only into committed athletes and teammates, but as strong and confident individuals.

“We’re all just really excited to lay that first stepping stone to build this program up even more.”

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