The Pittsburg State University President is starting his final year on campus


PITTSBURG, KS – As the Pittsburg State President starts his final year on campus, he’s looking back at what he’s accomplished, and a bucket list for the next 12 months.

The days are numbered for PSU President Dr. Steve Scott.

“I’ve completed 34 years here, and 13 years as, as the President.” Says Dr. Scott.

A career he takes pride in.

It won’t be the longest serving Pitt State president, but longer than some.

“I really need to make sure I get one year, one month beyond Dr. Bryant, will get a kick out of hearing that because we’re very super competitive, but I love him too. He’s just been a great friend and mentor to me.” Says Dr. Scott.

One of many relationships he values, that’s tied to his time at the university.

“You know I go to 80th birthday parties and I speak to funerals and go to visitation and weddings and just all these different life experiences that I’ve had with our friends and supporters of Pittsburg State University, and, and they’ve been important to me.” Says Dr. Scott.

Scott says he couldn’t have predicted what’s happened during the last 12 years, but adds some things don’t change.

“I don’t think it’s old fashioned to say we think 18, 19, 20 year olds are going to want to come to a college campus at a college campus experience. At the same time it’s quite likely they’re going to learn some what they learn online, even while they’re on a college campus, and technology will be even more embedded in their learning experience.” Says Dr. Scott.

One of the many challenges, and opportunities, he’ll face for just one more year.

There’s much more from Dr. Scott on how Pitt State has changed during his tenure, and what he expects for the future.

We’ll continue that tonight on Action 12 News at ten.

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