The non-profit Hearts and Hammers has been building ramps for people who need them


JOPLIN, MO – In tonight’s dose of good news… A Joplin non-profit continues its mission of assisting disabled residents.

“I’ve been looking, asking, but most folks said no except them.” Says John Snell, Homeowner.

Hearts and Hammers is a non-profit organization that builds wheelchair ramps for those in need.

Snell’s wide is sick, and had issues finding someone to build a ramp at his home which is inside Country Acres Mobile Home Community.

“It’s actually pretty neat, because most folks won’t touch it. We tried they said the land’s not yours. But these folks said okay, we’ll do it.” Says Snell.

This new ramp will make it safer for his wife to get around.

“My wife has a disease where she’ll trip, she’ll fall, she’ll wobble and steps back there not good. She’s tripped off of them, tripped up them. This ramp will be a major help.” Says Snell.

Hearts and Hammers started as a one day a year work day and evolved into a non-profit.

The ramp they’re building for the Snell family is bigger than normal and will be 48 feet long once it’s completed.

“There’s just a big demand for that. There’s a lot of people coming out of rehab a lot of people had amputations. Mobility challenges of different kinds.” Says John Clayton, Hearts and Hammers Director.

He says he feels good knowing the Snell family will be safer.

“Somebody that really adheres to his wedding vows. He’s just a great guy. I have a deep admiration for caregivers. I admire what they do and I’m glad to be a part of what can support that.” Says Clayton.

Hearts and Hammers built 43 ramps last year and is nearing 30 ramps so far this year.

To donate to the organization, check out the link here.

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