The new Jasper County Juvenile Center is officially open for business

JOPLIN, Mo. - Jasper County judges, County Commissioners as well as members of the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon on the new facility on Friday.

Construction on the eight and a half million dollar project started in the fall of 2017. The center is designed to hold an average of eight juveniles at any time. It's equipped with a state of the art security system, safety features, class rooms and even a recreation room.

Darieus Adams is the Western District Jasper County Commissioners and says, "There's just no comparison, we were operating out of basically a house before and to have the facility we have now that was actually built for the purpose of being a juvenile justice center it's just night and day as far as the difference"

The money to construct the more than 33,000 square foot facility came from the passage of a dedicated sales tax the county started collecting in 2016. A measure to extend the life of that sales tax will go before voters on April 2nd. If passed, the tax will fund the construction of a new jasper county courthouse in Joplin, renovations to the courthouse in Carthage, and the expansion of the Jasper County Jail.

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