The Neosho Arts Council is trying to raise money to restore old art


NEOSHO, MO – The Neosho Arts Council is raising money to beautify the city.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure art is preserved.” Says Sarah Serio, President of Neosho Arts Council.

The Neosho Arts Council is preparing to restore three murals throughout the city.

The group is working to restore the Centennial Mural which is in the Neosho Newton County Library. The Neosho Mural is Big Spring Park and the Rocketdyne Mural inside Crowder College.

“It’s really important to maintain these works because they tell the history of our community.” Says Serio.

The Centennial Mural is the oldest.

it was created in 1939 and was removed from the Municipal Auditorium back in 2007.

“Each person was placed there on purpose. They represent someone living or dead, so it’s important that you understand it starts clear at the beginning of Neosho. It goes to the Civil War, WW1, and keeps going until 1939 when he painted it.” Says Carrie Cline, Library Director.

It sustained some smoke damage, and part of it was cut to fit inside the auditorium.

The Arts Council plans on reattaching the cut portion, cleaning the painting and sealing it.

“I’m assuming it’s going to become much brighter because smoke damage does a lot to paint it dims it. And I think once you get that layer off of it and just age in general and dirt and dust, it’s going to be exciting to see what’s underneath.” Says Cline.

The Arts Council is looking to raise $40,000 to restore the three murals.

They hope to start the projects in the fall.

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