The Miller Holiday Tradition


A Galena resident faithfully decorates his home for the holidays.

“Around thirteen years since we’ve built the house out here, we’ve been pretty much decorating,” says Larry Miller.

At the intersection of Short Street and Nineteenth Street in Galena, Larry Miller takes pride in decorating his home for the holidays.

“I’d say like forty five blow ups right now and the lights on the house and stuff and then I don’t know what you call the ones that put the glow on the house,” says Larry Miller.

At the Millers, holiday decorating has become a family tradition.

“My oldest son, he’s helped me every year. Without him I probably couldn’t it because I want climb on a roof,” says Miller.

Miller’s passion for putting on a light and inflatable show for the community stems from his childhood.

“Probably when I was growing up there was a guy out south who used to decorate. His name was John Murray and he used to decorate out by four corners and so I just thought it would be nice someday to be able to give back to the community and give back to the kids,” says Miller.

The excitement of children and adults is what drives Miller to make every holiday season bigger and better.

“It makes me feel really good. I feel like a lot of kids probably wouldn’t get to see a lot of this stuff and so this gives them a chance to see something you know really nice,” says Miller.

And Miller is already gearing up for the Christmas season.

“Well for Christmas, it’s a little bit more. We usually put up over 70,000 lights and probably fifty five of these little blow ups and other things and then light up the entire house and then we have ghosts of three colors,” says Miller.

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