The Manufacturing Industry and the Biden Administration


JOPLIN, Mo. — One of the biggest industries in the Four State Area is manufacturing. But what kind of an impact will the start of a new Presidential administration have on that industry?

Traditionally, the manufacturing sector tends to do better under a Republican administration because of fewer regulations. But Audie Dennis with Boyd Metals in Joplin, says he’s not passing judgment just yet. And in one sense, he’s even a little encouraged from what he’s learned about the Biden Administration, especially when it comes to the issue of tariffs.

Audie Dennis, V.P. & General Manager, Boyd Metals, said, “President Biden has made it known he’s not going to rush out and rescind those right away, that he’s going to study them and try to make a good decision regarding the tariffs, so you know, in my industry we were encouraged by that and that he’s at least going to study that before making a decision.”

Jim Johnson has owned and operated JK Machining in Joplin since the 1970’s, among other products, JK Machining Manufactures parts for the aircraft, as well as oil field industries. He’s more pessimistic.

Jim Johnson, President, JK Machining, said, “I think in the short term it’s not gonna effect us a whole lot because we have some contracts that go through the rest of this year and into 2022, but I suspect with the Keystone Pipeline being shut down and and other other things that are going to take place with the Biden Administration, I think we’re probably in for some pretty rough times.”

Dennis says don’t expect manufacturing companies to make any major decisions on expansion or employment just yet.

“People being cautionary, they’re taking a wait and see approach to see you know what the new administration does as far as taxes and business incentives,” said Dennis.

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