The Kansas City University Joplin is celebrating the students who are becoming physicians


JOPLIN, MO – Kansas City University Joplin is celebrating its students.

Tonight, 162 students physicians were white coated.

The ceremony represents their next steps to becoming a physician.

“The donning of the white coat represents a transition from being a student into being a future physician.” Says Dr. Laura Rosch, Joplin Campus Dean for Kansas City University.

Monday night, Kansas City University Joplin held a white coating ceremony for the graduating class of 2024.

162 student physicians walked across the stage of the Joplin High School Performing Arts Center receiving their white coat.

“The fact that now we are getting to do that and being inducted into the medical school, and taking our oath that is really important. Also going through a year of COVID I think that makes it even more special.” Says Austin Trung, Student Physician.

The pandemic causing their white coat ceremony that is usually held their first month of medical school to be pushed back an entire year.

“The fact that we are in a public health crisis and get to see first hand how the healthcare system and how doctors, nurses, everyone in the health care system is working towards fighting this pandemic.” Says Trung.

Student physicians say they have been able to get hands on experience.

“I think it’s definitely opened our eyes to kind of see what we are doing good and what we are doing wrong in the field of medicine. I think that’s a good step in overall improving the healthcare for patients and the community.” Says Matthew Ohtani, Student Physician.

The university says the white coat ceremony represents the passing of professionalism.

“Any positive quality that you want to embody the white coat represents for example trust, empathy, teamwork, compassion. All those heavy responsibilities that are involved with taking care of people who are sick.” Says Dr. Rosch.

Once the physicians graduate, they will be given long white coats.

The KCU Joplin Class of 2025 will be holding their white coat ceremony next month.

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