The Joplin mask ordinance is expiring


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin mask ordinance is expiring in less than two hours.

Sunday night Joplin residents are speaking out on the city council’s decision not to renew the mandate.

Nancy Smith, Joplin Resident, says, “I’m very sorry to hear that it is. I think its proven to be very effective and I worry the numbers will go back up again if we’re not paying attention and wear our masks.”

The mask ordinance went into effect on November 20, 2020 to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Last year the Joplin City Council passed the ordinance with six council members in favor and three against.

On Thursday, Mayor, Ryan Stanley, announced city council would not the renew the ordinance.

Mayor Stanley says: “Although the mandate has been removed, everyone is still encouraged to practice safe measures that we’ve been doing throughout this past year.”

One Joplin resident says he was not on board with the decision to have a mask mandate and is glad the ordinance is ending.

Slade Frazier, Joplin Resident, says, “Yeah I actually thought it wasn’t really real until I got it then there was one day where I was like oh my god I think I’m gonna die. So that kind of changed my feelings about it, but I still kind of am against it because I think I just want it to end.”

Another resident says the ordinance was a good step to take and thinks it ending will give citizens for and against masks an option.

Mason Fox, Joplin Resident, says, “I think it will be good because a lot of companies already had that in place, so I think the places that need it will continue to require it. But if people don’t want to wear one they don’t have to so I think it will be good for both parties.”

Residents hope the mask ordinance lifting does not lead to a jump in Covid-19 cases.

Nancy Smith, Joplin Resident, says, “I’m hoping not, but it could. It could but I think there’s still quite a few people who will wear them.”

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