Early childhood care professionals receive training for active shooter situations.

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness held an Active Shooter Training program at the Pittsburg Fire Department.
Teachers and day care staff learned tactical methods, hands-on exercises, and strategies for responding to an active shooter situation with children ages zero to five.
And with any dangerous situation training, practicing your plan is key.
Andrew Roszak/Institute for Childhood Preparedness Exec. Dir.
“Making sure they’re as realistic as possible, without scaring the kids, but making sure they’re realistic and they actually accomplish the purpose and the purpose of the drill is to make sure that your plan works and if not then identify that ahead of time to update it and then know what to do in the event of an emergency.” says Andrew Roszak, Institute for Childhood Preparedness Exec. Dir.

If you would like to bring active shooter training to your early childhood day care facility or school, we’ve provided a link on four states home page dot com.