The importance of service dogs for those with disabilities


JOPLIN, Mo. — They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but a service animal can be much more than that.

According to the “Americans With Disabilities Act,” all businesses must allow people with a disability, who have a service animal, to bring them into their store.

That includes restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more.

Unlike an emotional support animal, service dog handler, Lisa Selby says her dog helps her out much more than with her emotions.

“He helps me keep my balance, he will go get my significant other if I need some help, I mean those kinds of things, you know. Keeps people from bumping into me, he’s social barrier kind of training, he’ll circle me, those kinds of things. Pick up dropped objects, help me up off the floor,” said Lisa Selby – Service Dog Handler.

“The dogs are allowed to go anywhere that the handler would be allowed to go in public. They’re allowed to access with them as long as the animal is under control, and not creating a disturbance and being dangerous,” said Chris Jennings – Newton County Sheriff.

Jennings adds under federal law, a service animal can only be a dog, not another animal.

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