The Hours it Takes to Create One-Minute and Fifty-Eight-Seconds; JHS Varsity Dance Team


The choreographer, coach and committed team on Junge Field under the Friday Night Lights

(64804) — It’s halftime and the whole stadium is moving around. Going to the bathroom. Getting something to eat. Talking, looking at their phones. Did you miss that? ♥️ 6 3? The Varsity Dance Team just started.

Don’t worry Joplin News First caught it for you on camera. Thank you ladies, we saw you in formation btw, on point.

After that intro it was 1:58 of intense hot music clips and current dance moves relative to anything you would see on television or a national touring stage.

Choreographer Rachel Nodler-James worked with JHS Coach Bryson Hines teaching the team her routine. It began this past summer when they met for one day at camp.

“Working with Bryson is AMAZING! He, himself is a very talented dancer so when we come together it’s always good! The dancers on this team are incredible. They are fast learners. It was so fun to create a dance specific to their high-skill set.”

Coach Hines tells us it wasn’t just this one dance they learned during camp this past summer, “Rachel’s dance, along with 6 other dances, including competition dances and other game dances, we continue to run them all so we don’t forget the choreography.”

Oh by the way it’s not just having the moves. It’s the perfect synchronicity and technique he reminds us.

I am so proud of my team this year. They are an such a talented and hard working group of young ladies. From waking up for 6:00 am practices, learning so many dances, attending games and different events, they always stay focused, professional and humble.

JHS Varsity Dance Team Coach Bryson Hines

Rachel Nodler-James, Choreographer and JHS Dance Team Coach, Bryson Hines at Junge Stadium Friday Night.

Coach Hines and Nodler-James have been friends for years since their time together at MSSU on the Dance Team.

Nodler-James is a 2013 Webb City alum was a Redette. Graduating MSSU, 4 years dance team, senior year as team captain. Majored in Sociology now works for the state of Missouri. She and her husband Nick live in Joplin.

Now she’s in her 20’s, standing at the sidelines watching the JHS dance team as an adult. It’s a different time in life. College graduate, married, mortgage…

“I love dance and I love choreographing. Even though I’m not on a team anymore I hope to be able keep working with dancers and possibly coach in the near future.”

BTW… you can’t count how many hours it takes to create that 1:58. They’ve already moved on to another dance. No time to worry about math.


  • Katelyn Hunter
  • Sophia Bazzano
  • Hannah Hilsabeck
  • Julia Iorio
  • Kesley Harper
  • Kaylee Smith
  • Parker Leas
  • Erica Shoemaker
  • Abi Cryer
  • Ally Briley
  • Hallie Demery
  • Ellie Benfield
  • Lillie Carrier
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