The “George Washington Carver National Monument” has had a few additions


DIAMOND, MO – Thanks to a lot of hard work over the past 3 years, the “George Washington Carver National Monument” in Diamond, is now better suited for all visitors.

“The idea is it’s for everybody, it’s for everybody, and I think everybody is going to really love it.” Says Jim Heaney, C.N.M. Park Superintendent.

Work at the “George Washington Carver National Monument” in Diamond, began in 2018 on an area just northeast of the visitor’s center.

The project includes many additions.

Among them, handicapped parking and accessible panic tables.

“Someone who needs a wheelchair can better tour the trail, hookup with the trail, or there’s a path that leads up to the Visitor’s Center, so it’s definitely an accessibility upgrade.” Says Heaney.

But Heaney says visitors with accessibility needs aren’t the only ones who will benefit to the new space, which also contains regular parking spots as well as the addition.

“I would expect that the rangers will be giving a lot more programs down here in a very pleasant and comfortable environment, particularly in the summer, it’s very well shaded, so I really think it’s going to become one of the most popular features of the park.” Says Heaney.

The area was completed just a few days ago, and is now open to all park visitors.

“A great aesthetic improvement I think, and when you take a closer look, you’ll see it’s really beautiful back there, uh very peaceful, kind of gives a nice ambiance to someone who wants to picnic here and chill for a while.” Say Heaney.

And Heaney says the timing couldn’t be better, with one of the monument’s biggest yearly events taking place this weekend, the 78th Annual Carver Days.

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