The Galena Mining and Historical Museum needs assistance identifying people from old pictures


GALENA, KS – In today’s dose of good news… The Galena Mining and Historical Museum has been given a large group of color slides dating back to the 1940’s.

They came from a family in Texas who had lost a loved one from Galena.

Officials now need some assistance identifying some of the people in the pictures.

Museum volunteer director, Linda Phipps, says this type of thing happens periodically.

A family doesn’t want to keep old pictures, but also doesn’t want to just throw them out.

“Gotten several responses so we have ID’d some of them but we still have quite a few of the photographs but we do need to know who these men where, and of course that would have been World War II.” Says Linda Phipps, Volunteer Dir., Galena Mining & Historical Museum.

If you’d like to look at the photos or try to identify any of the people in them, they’re on the museums Facebook page linked below.

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