GALENA, Kans. – Officials at an area museum are asking for the public’s help when it comes to identification.

It’s not often that a museum receives pictures of this quality from the past, in this case the 1940’s.

“And then from these, I took pictures and then enlarged the pictures is how we were.” Says Linda Phipps, Volunteer Dir., Galena Mining & Historical Museum.

They came by way of a family from Texas and Phipps knows exactly what she wants to do with them.

“Eventually we would like to print these photographs up and have them on display or in a nice folder so people can flip them and see family members or or uh just see the soldiers in their uniforms and see how handsome they were.” Phipps says.

But before she does, she needs help from the community.

“Gotten several responses so we have ID’d some of them but we still have quite a few of the photographs but we do need to know who these men where, and of course that would have been World War II.” Phipps says.

What’s often the case with photos or slides like these is that family members pass away and they don’t want to throw the pictures out.

Phipps says someone from the family in Texas lived in Galena during the time they were taken, which is from 1942 to 1943.

“We’d like to honor these soldiers as best we can and display their photographs with a name attached so that families can come in and view them and know their histories being carried on.” Phipps says.

If you’d like to look at the photos, or try to identify any of the people in them, they’re on the museum’s Facebook page linked below.