The evolution of software purchasing


JOPLIN, Mo. — Buying computer software has undergone a revolution in the last decade – giving consumers new ways to connect.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “Traditionally we had always bought software where you would go into a store or you would actually order online, and he would get it on some sort of a media on a CD ROM and DVD.”

It was the only way to use software for years and years. But you had to keep track of licensing and then there were the updates.

“In 2010 Microsoft decided to come up with a new way of distributing software called Software as a Service.”

So the end user could then access Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, or Outlook email as part of the service.

“You can now go online and actually acquire the license pay for the license, basically pay for it as you use it as a service, as you need it to go forward.”

The advantages of the Microsoft Office 365 service include access. It’s cloud-based so you can use it anywhere there’s internet access. And it’s collaborative, meaning everyone sharing the file benefits.

“Update a spreadsheet or both update certain documents as needed, while you’re not even in the same room or in the same building or even in the same state.”

Security is also built in.

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“Now has not only user ID password credentialing but it also allows you to use multi factor authentication where you can actually get text messages before you get access to those files.”

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