The effectiveness of the two dose COVID vaccines


JOPLIN, MO – A local hospital is seeing a drop in patients coming back for their second dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine.

Freeman Health System says roughly 15%-20% of people have not come back for their second Coronavirus Vaccine shot.

both Pfizer and Moderna require a two shot dose to be fully vaccinated from the virus.

The Pfizer vaccine has 33% efficacy rate after one dose and it goes up to 95% or 96% after the second dose.

“People think one and done and that’s not enough and that’s just not the case. You don’t have that level of protection that you want. So if you want to protect yourself and protect your loved ones against the COVID virus and the variant strains you want to make sure you receive and complete the two part vaccine series.” Says Jessica Liberty, Freeman Health System Infection Prevention Manager.

Liberty says if patients miss their second shot appointment there is no time limit to get your last dose.

The vaccine can be administered whenever you’re ready.

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