The College Assistance Migrant Program is very helpful to Crowder College students


JOPLIN, MO – Funding for the College Assistance Migrant, or “CAMP” Program will continue at Crowder College.

The college received word that federal funds for the program will continue for the next five years.

Through June of 2026, it will receive $2,375,000 for the program.

This will allow students from agricultural or migrant backgrounds to continue to get the resources they need to complete their first year successfully.

“Our family didn’t come from much,” said 2018 Crowder College graduate and former CAMP participant Sulma Perez. “For them, knowing that we came to college is a big sacrifice on their part and it was very important for them. They’re so happy.”

“Once the students become a part of our CAMP program, we bring them on and we help them through their entire first year and beyond that,” said Crowder College CAMP director Lisa O’Hanahan. “We want to make sure that they’re successful.”

Crowder College freshman and CAMP participant Fanny Perez, who is an RA this year, said she is thankful for all the leaders in the program.

“I’m thankful for the advisor Lisa and I’m thankful for Anita Botello-Samson and Luis Cecenes for helping us from CAMP,” Perez said. “And I am thankful for them because without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

CAMP provides 40 students with first year scholarships that include academic and advising resources.

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