The City of Noel has a new “Early Head Start” classroom.

“We’re going to add one more fence to help the children get to the play ground um safely and when we get that fence up we’ll be ready to go,” said Becky Briggs, the McDoanld County Head Start Supervisor.

The program helps children under 3 who come from low-income families become school ready. The classroom in Noel will make it easier for parents who currently have to take their kids to the Anderson “Early Head Start” facility every day.

“I will save time and money on the transportation for gas taking her home every day or every morning up there and picking her up in the afternoon,” said Lucia Sebastian, an Early Head Staart parent. 

The classroom is attached to the “Head Start Center,” but will hold 8 younger kids.

“Our needs assessment that we do each year uh indicated that we needed more slots for infants and toddlers in the Noel area,” said Briggs.

When students turn 3 years old, they’ll transition to “Head Start” until they start elementary school.

“For families in the community here having early head start here is closer and its a safe place for them,” said Sebastain.”