The city of Granby is seeking donations for its pound


GRANBY, Mo. — A dog pound in Granby is looking for a Christmas miracle to keep its dogs safe and warm for this upcoming Winter season.

Catherine Jackson, Dog Pound Volunteer, said, “Dogs are living, filling creatures that need more than we can give them right here.”

Jackson wants to change the living conditions for the dogs in the Granby Pound.

“There’s a lot of dogs that never been outside over night before and suddenly they find themselves here and its scary for them.”

The wired structure has no electricity and its water supply is from a garden hose.

“I learned a hard lesson here the other day. The hose was frozen and so from now on I’ve been taking it off every evening and draining it and putting it up.”

Jacob Kelley, Chief, Granby PD, said, “We’ve had dogs injured on the wire before where we had to go in and fix it. We do our best to keep that maintained but sometimes dogs chew on things and it happens and then they end up getting hurt.”

Every day Jackson drives to the pound with dog supplies in the trunk of her car or what she calls her office.

“The dogs need a little bit more than just sitting in this pound. Take them out for walks and socialize them,” said Jackson.

The pound does meet state requirements and can give the dogs their basic needs but funding is limited.

“If something happens to where we can’t use it for any period of time and we lose our license we probably will not get re-licensed with this shelter,” said Kelley.

As temperatures are dropping, residents are fearful how the dogs will react to the cold.

“A lot of the structure isn’t built to what current stands should be. There’s no where really for the dogs to go to get out of the cold.”

Last year 75 dogs spent a night at the pound and this year its expected to be the same amount.

Kelly and Jackson would like to change that and build a new facility for the dogs to stay in before they find a permanent home.

“We would like to actually see them in some place they’re not going to get cold.”

“We really don’t deserve dogs, so I do what I can for them,” said Jackson.

If you would like to help, you may send a donation To Granby’s City Hall at 300-350 North Main Street.

If interested in volunteering you may give the City Hall a call at (417) 472-6557.

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