A few months ago, city leaders discovered that Carterville is losing approximately 40% of their water through leakage. However, they don’t know exactly where all the leaks are stemming. 

This sparked concern with a few city leaders, including Councilman Doug Joyce. At Tuesday night’s council meeting, he proposed scheduling a work session to discuss the water issue, including possibly selling their system. But he received little to no support, resulting in the item being taken off the agenda completely.

City Administrator William Cline says the issue was brought to the public a bit prematurely.

“I think it kind of makes us look bad, I mean it initially looks like we don’t know how to handle our system and our guys do absolutely the best they can, we’re a small town, we’re an old town, so you’re going to have these problems, there’s nothing we could have done about it or known about it. I mean we could a report earlier, but you find the problem, you fix it,” says Carterville City Administrator William Cline.

“They jumped to conclusions as to what I wanted to do, all I wanted to do was present it to the public and let them know we were going to have a work session and that work session was going to look at what’s happening,” says Cartverville Councilman Doug Joyce.

Cline says over the next few weeks, the city will be replacing some leaking fire hydrants. Then they will schedule a date for the Missouri Water Well Association to come in and and survey the ground to find all the leaks.