The city of Carterville came together to raise money for new Christmas lights


CARTERVILLE, MO – The city of Carterville is working on beautifying its Main Street.

An all-you-can-eat pasta dinner was held tonight at the community center to raise money for new Christmas lights.

The current ones are 25 years old.

The plan is to purchase new lights and 12 Days of Christmas themed decorations that light up the city during the holidays.

“We’ve had a great outpouring from the community it’s not just Carterville, there’s people that don’t live here any longer that really care about Carterville.” Says Alan Griffin, Carterville Mayor.

“It warms your heart to know that there still is a community that wants to come together and solve a small simple problem as Christmas lights.” Says JT Amos, Owner of Famos Grill.

The city raised $3,400 tonight.

They are $2,000 away from their goal.

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