The Grand Lake area now has a new summer attraction, the Cherokee Queen. 

Owners Carla and Larry Steckline have been working the past two months to get the ship ready to set sail. The 30 year old ship will serve as one of only a few sightseeing cruise ships available in Oklahoma. They have had to renovate most things on the ship after it sat for several years unused.
The tour is an hour and a half and leaves from Sail Boat Bridge in Grove and rides throughout the Grand Lake waterways. Owners say those on the Queen will learn about the history of the ship and Grand Lake area. 

Larry Steckline, Cherokee Queen Owner says, “To have it on Grand Lake it’s been here many many year is a good feeling to bring it back after being gone quite honestly dead for five years. The people in this part of the country are making us feel pretty good, they are really really thanking us for getting it back on the water.” 

The Queen launches Saturday and will have tours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tours will end the first of October.