Thanksgiving dinner may have you consuming far more calories than usual


JOPLIN, Mo. — You’ve had the turkey and stuffing. Mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce — all the pies. And seconds of everything just mentioned. For most of us, our Thanksgiving plates were worthy of an Instagram post.

You probably expect to eat around 2,000 calories a day – that’s what the experts recommend. Today, that was out the window.

“The 3000 calories may not be unrealistic,” said Susan Pittman, Diabetes Ed. Spec.

Freeman Health System Diabetes Education Specialist Susan Pittman says it all adds up – 345 calories for six ounces of turkey alone. The total can really add up with the side dishes.

“Here in the Midwest, we enjoy our carbs. So when we’re looking at the turkey is actually a pretty healthy meat to have. It’s not high fat, it’s it’s a good meat. What we put on four sides is where we end up getting our carbs,” said Pittman.

And that can be especially tough on diabetics and those with kidney disease

“And those things we really need to think about enjoying the day, but in moderation and so enjoying those foods that you know you want to have,” said Pittman.

She says it’s a good idea for anyone to get off the couch and moving.

“Take a walk might just kind of help. If you have eaten a little bit more it helps you burn a few little bit more carbohydrate off. It just get down and in exercising a little bit,” said Pittman.

If you want to see what your meal totaled, we’ve got a link to a Thanksgiving calorie calculator here.

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