Temporary Red Cross in Miami to close soon


The City of Miami’s temporary Red Cross is nearing closing as the number of people in need has significantly lowered. 

Since May 21, the Red Cross has been helping those in Miami displaced  by the flood. 

They have parternered with the Salvation Army and local churches, and have been working to prove people a place to sleep, food to eat, and clothing. 

Typcially they shelter 25 people a night and hundreds have been using their food services. 

Shelba Walls of American Red Cross Miami says, “It’s been tremendous becaue they have security and safety and a place to sleep and food to eat. Especially for the children they have left everythign behind all their security, the room, the bed, their favorite toys.”  

Walls adds she hopes by early next week Miami’s shelter with the American Red Cross will close. 

She says help throughout the city is still needed. 

So, she recommends people to make money donations to the Red Cross. 

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