Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — The Wyandotte Nation is focusing on teenagers this month. That’s because it’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Lisa Arnold Program Supervisor: “One in ten teenagers has been a victim of domestic violence and so it’s very important that we have this program that we can reach out and let them know that there’s support.”

Lisa Arnold is the Supervisor for the Wyandotte Nation’s Domestic Violence Program. And every February, her goal is to bring awareness to teenagers about toxic relationships

I’ve really had a heart for this I was a victim with domestic violence and was able to get out of that situation at the time I got out of it I wasn’t aware that there were programs to help and felt very alone and I stayed in that situation longer than I probably would have had I known that there were support out there. So it’s very important to me the outreach is incredibly important because if we get the word out there and we let somebody know if it helps even one person then it’s worth it.”

The program offers assistance to those who are in trouble.

“We attend court with these students that reach out to us we help them get protective orders, we can attend the actual court hearings with them we can get them legal assistance so if their offender were to have an attorney, we can hire an attorney for them to represent them in court, counseling is real important.”

Lisa has gone to schools to talk about what teens should look out for.

“Obsessive behavior, controlling behavior, you know, Sudden burst of anger, whether with them, or with other people. Someone that changes your daily activities, follows you around wants to know your passwords to all of your social media accounts, someone that has to track your location on your phone or review your text messages, or your phone calls.”

Though lisa has helped many in the Ottawa County community, she doesn’t do it alone.

Katie Griffin, Domestic Violence Advocate, “It’s been great so far I’ve been able to learn a lot. This is my first opportunity in this field of work and learning from Lisa and Cecily, they’re the best people to learn from because they’ve been doing this for a while and they know how to explain things really well and just to watch them work with the people that we do come in contact with they’re very passionate about this job and so I do learn a lot form the both of them.”

If you or know of someone needing help, you can call the Wyandotte Nation Violence Prevention Program at 918-678-6324.

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