Technology helps Lamar students get healthcare


LAMAR, Mo. — New technology at Lamar Middle School is providing a convenient way for students to get access to healthcare.

Cox health is making virtual healthcare a reality at Lamar Middle School.

Tabitha Ferwalt, Cox Health, said, “The virtual school clinics that we set up are a convenient access to healthcare”

School nurses use devices with cameras on them, allowing providers on the other side of the computer to see the student and give a diagnosis.

“We partner with the school nurses here in the district and they are vital to this program being successful.”

Avery Reed, Student, said, “It’d be really good for people who couldn’t be able to go to the doctor.”

Soon Lamar students will also get treatment for asthma related issues.

“We partnered with Michelle Dickens, she’s a Nurse Practitioner out of Springfield, she specializes in asthma care and she’ll provide asthma follow-ups and asthma treatment plans for the students in the school via the school clinic,” said Ferwalt.

Providers never see a student without the parent present.

“We can text or email them a link to a laptop, tablet, or a cell phone that has a camera and they can just join in on that visit via three way video.”

Technology allows them to join the visit if they can’t be there in person.

“Once the parent and the kiddo are both on screen our on-site virtual clinic navigator has the ability to reach out to our pool of providers and let them know that they have a patient.”

The program accepts insurance but Cox Health also has a partnership with Children’s Miracle Network.

CMN covers the cost for any uninsured students so no one gets turned away.

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