Technology and Sex Trafficking


Cases of sexual exploitation and human trafficking are on the rise. And in many cases, access to online resources is helping with these criminal operations.

The highway access in the Four States means this can unfortunately be a busy area. That includes what comes through on both Interstate 44 and I-49.

“The benefits of having technology obviously is that we’re communicating all the time. But also I guess the advantages for them is that they can communicate with all the individuals that they are exploiting very much easily,” says John Motazedi, SNC2.

And that can include a wide range of high tech options for criminals.

“Software where these individuals can pose, can have a full profile and can actually be vulnerable to individuals that are soliciting them to, for their own benefit, so it is just growing by leaps and bounds,” says John Motazedi.

Online options also allow offenders to track every minute of a victims day.

“So they know where they are, who they’re talking to, they can see text messages,” says Motazedi.

And John Motazedi with SNC Squared says that’s good for the criminal and dangerous for the victim. 

“They’re always connected and they always know what’s happening so that puts a little scare and fear in the youth that are actually being exploited,” says Motazedi.

They say to watch out for warning signs a child is being exploited. That could be expensive gifts a child can’t explain, erratic behavior or unexplained physical harm.

We’ve got more on the statistics and signs of exploitation here.

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