Tax renewal to be voted on August 3rd for Joplin


JOPLIN, MO – Normally, a multi-year, multi-million dollar tax proposal would speak outrage from business organizations.

But that’s not the case in Joplin. At least when it comes to the organization.

Generally, a chamber of commerce in a Southwest Missouri community wouldn’t support a ten year, $43,500,000 tax proposal. But in Joplin, the chamber is behind just such a measure.

“One of the top things when businesses are looking at either expanding or choosing to stay and expand in the community or relocate are the types of quality of life services available and amenities but also infrastructure as well as with the storm water.” Says Erin Slifka, Joplin Chamber Marketing & Public Information Manager.

Technically, the parks and storm water one fourth of a cent proposal isn’t a tax increase, because it’s due to sunset in March of 2022.

The measure will be on the August 3rd ballot and if passed will be the third renewal of the tax.

“Uh we’re looking at new bike uh bike trails up in Dover, a BMX trail up there, new things to the community that sometimes people go to other communities to experience, that’s uh, that’s very important for us as a community especially when we’re looking at economic development.” Says Mike Seibert, Citizens, Parks & Storm Water Committee.

But the future of Joplin isn’t the only reason why former councilman Seibert is advocating the cause, he says just think about the city’s past, specifically certain parts of the city.

“I think people can remember back 20 years ago when we had extensive flooding downtown and the storm water projects that were in place since then to greatly reduce any of those flooding issues and let development really continue downtown.” Says Seibert.

He says it’s also done wonders in other flood prone areas in years past such as 7th and Illinois, where flooding was a way of life before storm water upgrades paid for by the same tax.

The issue will be on the August 3rd ballot.

The city also has a map and financial breakdown of projects on their website below.

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