Tax deadline means busy post offices with last-minute filers


Post offices across the Four States were much busier Monday than most days.

Even though taxpayers have known that April 15th was coming, thousands of people waited until the very last day to send in their taxes.

Even if you still haven’t done that, an area C.P.A. says it’s relatively easy to get an extension.

Patrick Kelly says the form is called an 4868 and says you can fill it out electronically and send it off that way or print it off and postmark it before midnight tonight.

Plus, even if you don’t do that, it’s not the end of the world, but you will pay more, the longer you wait.

Kelly, who is a C.P.A. at Joplin Tax Service, says, “If you didn’t file your extension today, but you owe the government money, if you file within the next 30 days, you limit your penalty to only 5% of the balance not 25% of the balance, so I wouldn’t panic if somebody didn’t get that done just get it done as soon as I could.”

He says if you don’t owe the government money on your taxes and you don’t file by the end of today, he says there’s no penalty at all. 

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