“Sell them all, sell them all, sell them all. The short, the skinny, and the tall. Tell all the people you meet everyday, sell them the good ol’ Tamko way” — Rick Taylor, Tamko Field Sales Training Manager.

Taylore created the promotional song for Tamko Building Products. He’s been a Tamko employee for 26 years and, along with many others, is celebrating the company’s 75th year in business.

“I have to believe its a milestone. We are family, we are a family-run company, and that thread runs throughout the company” Taylor explained. “Its been a great company to work for and they give you the tools to do your job and I’ve had a ball.”

“Tamko started in 1944,” said Director of Communications Kim Eckerman. “Over the last 75 years, we’ve grown from one small location in an old street car barn in Joplin, Missouri, to one of the largest roofing manufactures in the U.S.”

Tamko was founded by E.L. Craig, and the third generation of his family continues to lead the company today.

“Our success over the past 75 years — none of it would be possible without our hardworking and dedicated employees,” Eckerman continued. “We have thousands of them across the U.S.”

To celebrate its anniversary and its employees, Tamko hosted a picnic in downtown Joplin.

The CEO and president, David Humphreys, was the featured speaker at the event.

“To me, it’s a thank-you to all of our corporate employees and it’s a salute to the field sales guys that we have probably 100 or more out running around the country,” Taylor explained.

Tamko operates in 48 out of the 50 states in the U.S.

The Humphreys family plans to continue their tradition of excellence in roofing products for many years to come.