SWMO woman stuck in Myanmar during deadly coup


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — A local grandmother is worried about her granddaughter. The two are currently thousands of miles apart – with no definitive timeline involving a reunion and there’s more to this story.

Carol Cline is a former Neosho and La Russell resident, as well as a former MSSU student whose been teaching abroad in Asia for over two decades, the last three of which in Myanmar, formally known as Burma.

Jean Campbell, Cline’s Grandmother, said, “So it’s been kind of a heart wrenching experience, she says they’re just gentle, lovely people.”

A military coup took place in that nation just a few days ago following an election, leading to protests, violence, and death. That’s why Jean Campbell is counting the days before her grand daughter returns home to Southwest Missouri.

“Every few days I hear from her, ‘it’s worse this week, it’s worse this week’, and so I’ve had a lot of my friends praying for her and and everyday she never knows if there’s going to be internet or not and if even power.”

According to some accounts, over 600 protesters have been killed and hundreds more detained in that country. As a result, Campbell says Cline has been using Zoom to educate her students, but it has got nothing to do with the pandemic.

“The street that her housekeeper lives on was fired at all day long by the military up and down the streets, firing into the houses, the children were lying on the floor to keep from getting hurt.”

Campbell says the current plan is for her grand daughter to try and return to Southwest Missouri in a couple of weeks, and according to Campbell, that won’t be a moment too soon.

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