SWMO school helps students determine future plans


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — One Southwest Missouri school is having its students think about what they want to be when they grow up.

You’re never too young to plan for your future. Fifth graders at Webb City Middle School are doing this with a persuasive writing assignment.

Krista Gosch – Webb City Fifth Grade Teacher, said, “They do various research based off what they want to be, what degree that would be, what training they would need, and then they are trying to persuade the school to send them information back, but we like it whenever the schools also send cool little souvenirs and stuff to go with it.”

Fifth Grader Chasney Brown wrote about being a OB Nurse and sent it to Pittsburg State. Brown was lucky enough to hear back from the university.

Chasney Brown – Fifth Grader, said, “They said they have like robotic moms and babies, and the mom gives birth, and she would want to see me sometime to give me a tour.”

Other students like Austin Arft want to be in the NFL, but after research, he knows that before he can get there he has to go to school where he want’s to major in athletic training.

Austin Arft – Fifth Grader, said, “I thought it would be really cool and it takes a lot of math and science and stuff to do it.”

From wanting to be a nurse, to an athlete, Webb City teachers say they’re thrilled to see their kids think about what they want to be.

“It’s such a great rewarding feeling seeing them dream big about their futures, and I also, one of my favorite parts of this project is really presenting the options kids who you know school is not really their thing, but introducing them to things like vocational schools, or everything that the military, a branch in the military can offer them,” said Gosch

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