Switching email providers a cumbersome task


JOPLIN, Mo. — You probably don’t think twice about sending email or receiving it. But when a provider gets ready to shut down the service, like Cableone.net, it can be a massive project to switch to another account.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “It’s almost like a phone number. Like an address. How you’ve been known for for the last 10 – 15 years.”

But email accounts don’t necessarily last forever. If you’ve been notified yours is going away, you need to act quickly. First, find a new provider.

“You have lots of options. You can go to the typical Gmail account or some other free email account. Or if you’re a business, the best recommendation is move to something like an Office 365 – actually register your business under the official domain under the dot com you want it to be.”

But also consider an account with a monthly fee which could come with more privacy protection. After that, make sure to share the new email address.

“Obviously you’re going to be sending out an email to all your contacts saying, hey, my email is going to be changing. Here’s my new email.”

And don’t forget to reset all your other accounts tied to that email address, things like your bank account, credit cards, and social media.

“All your applications and all the websites that you go to. So all the applications includes everything on your phone. You would actually have to log out of your application on your phone. Go to that website. Reset a new account and then resync everything back up.”

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