Sweet Designs Cakery lends a hand to PSU Nature Reach


A Pittsburg business is helping out a local university outreach program.

PSU Nature Reach has been teaching college students, teachers, and kids since the 1980’s.

“The bulk of my job is to go to classrooms or events and talk about anything from animal adaptations to amphibians and reptiles to any kind of environmental issue that school groups or teachers request,” says Delia Lister, Director, PSU Nature Reach.

The program has nearly 50 different creatures ranging from birds to snakes even small mammals that help others learn more about wildlife and become more comfortable around animals.

“We have a lot of mouths to feed and that translates to a lot of dollars. And so one of my jobs as the director is to try to get some funding to help take care of all of our critters and meet the needs of our program,” says Delia Lister.

It costs nearly ten thousand dollars a year to feed each animal. Sweet Designs Cakery is hoping to both promote the group and lighten the financial load of PSU Nature Reach with a treat this week.

“There’s two ways they can help. They can come in buy a cupcake out of our bakery case. We’ve got owls and frogs. Super cute. They can also vote. So they can buy a ticket for a dollar and stick that ticket in whichever animal they like best, they can put it in their box and then on friday their going to do a drawing,” says Heather Horton, Co-owner or Sweet Designs Cakery.

Horton says that she has memories of the program coming to her classroom as a kid and that this is just a part of what their business does

“It’s always been from day one to be a part of the community. Give back as much as we can. We may not be able to give back monetarily, but there’s things like this that we can do to get involved. Kind of our community outreach,” says Horton.

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